Get To Know Your Classmates!

Mckenna Zohner


Mckenna was born on December 11, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I doubt she got to do much gambling as a child, because she eventually moved to St. George, Utah. Living in both of these places, she developed a great taste for In-N-Out burgers, which she claims is her favorite food. I might just have to agree with her on that one, I am always down for a fresh batch of animal-style fries. She is here at BYU-H majoring in Graphic Design, and she one day hopes to work for a big scale magazine company. She wants to design page layouts, and she is also a fantastic photographer. One thing about McKenna most people might not know is that she has a strange, unprovoked aversion to whales. What did whales ever to do you, McKenna?

Hunik Son


Hunsik Son is from Seoul, Korea. His favorite food, of course is from Korea. It is called Gum Ja Tang, which is apparently very spicy. He was explaining it to me and then said something about a pig spine, at which point I immediately changed the subject. He is also a Graphic Design major here at BYU-H, although I didn't ask what eventuall wants to do with it. He is incredibly creative, and loves calligraphy. Me too, Hunsik! He is a big fan of music of all kinds, and enjoys playing the guitar, among many other instruments. Perhaps one day he might treat us to a little tune if we ask nicely enough. We became fast facebook friends, and it looks like he lives a fun, adventurous life!

Asako Inoue


Asako is a wonderful young woman, who moved here from Japan. Her husband, who is also in this class, is from Tahiti. I didn't ask how they met, but I'm sure it's a great, romantic story. Asako is a Graphic Deign major, along with most of this class. She is incredibly artistic as I have observed from across the sculpting studio on occasion. Her favorite food is sushi, and she loves all kinds but she has a special place in her heart for salmon rolls. When I asked her if she had a special talent that not make people knew about, I was expecting her to say that she is secretly a world champion of a sport or something. Her answer was that she has the ability to sleep all day without waking up even once. Asako, you're living every college student's dream.

Mina Brar


Mina Brar is another one of our wonderful classmates that I had the opportunity to interview. She comes from Anaheim, California and grew up just down the road from the beloved Disneyland. We're all jealous of you, Mina. Here at BYU-H, she hasn't decided on a major yet but seems to be enjoying herself regardless. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes and gravy, which makes her wish that Thanksgiving was every day. When she grows up, she would like to work for Google. She doesn't even know what she wants to do there, she just really wants to proudly say she is responsible for people Googling things. A strange fact that most people dont know about Mina is that she loves the smell of fire. Campfire, bonfire, house-fire, you name it. I might be a good idea to keep any and all lighters/matches away from this girl.

McKenzie McKeon


McKenzie McKeon is from Alpine, Utah but was born in California. She missed the beach so much that she moved all the way to Hawaii. She is another one of our Graphic Design majors here, but when I asked what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer was simply, "I want to be a Mom". She wants to do something that allows her to work from home. Working in pajamas, isn't that a dream. She doesn't have one specific food that is her favorite, but she enjoys eating anything Thai. There is a really good Thai restaurant in Utah that she could recommend if anyone wants to ask her. An interesting fact that we might not have known about McKenzie is that she used to play the flute. Not in a school band or anything, just for fun! Does that make her more of a Band Nerd than usual?

Lauren Munyan


Lauren Munyan, an irreplacable member of our class, is here all the way from Virginia. She grew up on the east coast, a place I am personally dying to visit. Her birthday is on May 11th, and her favorite food is apparently all breakfast foods. A few honorable mentions are muffins and fruit smoothies. Lauren is an IT major at BYU-H and she also wants to work for Google. When I interviewed her she was wearing a classy Google sweatshirt, she she is well on her way. A fact about Lauren that I found to be very interesting was that she has 14 siblings. That's right, everyone. Fourteen. And I thought I had it bad sharing a room with my one sister. You're my role model, Lauren!

Rachel Woods


I actually knew Rachel Woods for quite a few years before coming here to BYU-H. We went to the same high school in Gilbert, Arizona. Although she grew up there, Rachel was actually born in Michigan. Her birthday is on November 30th, 1995. She just returned from her mission in Mexico and is still trying to decide on a major. If you ask her what her favorite food is she will say any kind of potatoes! French fries? Yup! Mashed? Baked? Tots? You bet! A strange fact about Rachel that most people dont know is that she was born with both of her hip sockets out of place. Because of this, her mom was forced to carry her around like a frog for the first three months of her life. Apparently there are some great pictures of this, but I'll save you the embarrassment, Rachel.

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